Art x Coffee x Risograph x AR x NFC x NFTs

The artist team is introducing you to a creative approach to story-telling — the merge of illustrations, traditional printing and AR (Augmented Reality) , NFC (Near Field Communication) & NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology.

Since all the art prints were printed individually by hand-pulled screenprint, each print is totally unique with a limited run of 35 pieces released to the public.

Exclusive for FANTOM Blockchain only.



Coffee originates from the Arabic word ‘kaweh’ meaning strength or vigor, and it has become one of the world’s most popular drinks nowadays.

Every single coffee bean is undoubtedly the result of the efforts of local farmers. What’s more interesting is that the geographical environment and culture of the region can somehow affect the taste of coffee. As a coffee-lover,  we hope to visualise these unseen parts with fine illustration.

Printed art are a great way to get into many ones’ hands, where we can keep them as a time capsule, reaching far beyond the coffee & art lovers.

There are only 35 edition for each art print, and we never reproduce again due to the high complexity in printing production procedure.

The Printing Process

Not Just an Art Print

AR, a technology that combines virtual information with the real world. We are honored to work with How&How, a comprehensive creative agency that generates innovative ideas and creates unique designs for events and campaigns by combining with new media technologies. So, there we go these spectacular interactive visual effects.

The uniqueness of the stories behind each type of coffee bean is worthy to be seen and treasured

The central characters, decorative frames as well as background of the coffee showcase their respective characteristics in strong illustrative details, which leave a different impression and yet in perfect harmony. Stories between farmers and coffee beans are cleverly connected with the surreal graphics.

Every color layer is printed individually,  so colours rarely line up perfectly on top of each other. This is an inherent part of the process that makes each print totally unique.

Advanced Printing

Risograph printing is exclusively spotted color-based, which is similar to screen printing and printmaking. The uniqueness of the color effect, especially the metallic gold, printing on slightly rough paper can better present the texture of the paper. And the ink is made of soy or rice oil that is environmentally friendly.

Risograph printing is a type of duplication-printing technique and printer developed in Japan in the mid 1980’s by the Riso Kaguku Corporation. … For adding different colors and layers, a print can be run through the machine multiple times, each pass adding a new color based on the selected plate and color drum.

Printing on different paper material in order to explore the relationship of paper and Risograph.

Paper Selection

The paper itself and the effect of the risograph are likely to change as a result of the making process, storage environment and time. These changes belong to the work itself and give colour to it. 

Each Print are Unique

  • Artist Signature on each art print
  • Fantom blockchain stampling
  • Unique Risograph printing effect
  • Story of farmer and culture of the place
  • Detail illustration
  • AR technology applied
  • NFC technology applied
  • Limited supply, 35 per each art print only