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Project by Visionary Boy is an NFTs project brings the quality artist to launch their project on Fantom Blockchain Network. The initial fund helps the project build up the fundamental infrastructure, community and promotion for continue development

About Visionary Boy

Visionary Boy is a all in one compact creature with the skills set of Artist, Branding Designer, Graphic Designer, UI/X Designer, Programmer and Marketing Strategist, who lives in an Asia international city with high living cost, compact space. The people in my city just see art as a service or a means of value addition instead of appreciation.

First touch with Metaverse in October, given a lot of support, appreciation and encourage from different people. Hope this project make some changes to the world, and i can share my skill, knowledge and experience with others, and give support to other artist who want to get in this world!

How it works

FANTOM BOY by Visionary Boy (FTMBVB) is a collection of 2,222 randomly generated NFTs that exist on Fantom (FTM) Blockchain. Original artwork illustrated by Visionary Boy.

Phase 1:
Kickstart Phase

The contract paused at the supply of 892. The initial fund helps to establish the fundamental infrastructure and to kickstart the new artist project. The revenue* of the project will rewards to 1st phase holders, artist, team and charity.

✅ 1st Artist Project – Coffee Fantasy Revenue Distribution Completed

* Proportion of revenue to be discussed pre project, as we need to be fair with the artist!
* Snapshot of holder will be taken on the completion on 1st artist project

Phase 2:
Issuance Phase
(For the Latecomer)

After the first minting and artist project success, increasing social media exposure, people will get awareness for Project by Visionary Boy, and we re-open minting positions for them.

FTMBVB Holder Privilege

Phase 1 Holder Privilege

🔸Airdrop “Handsome Booster” to Random Holder
🔸Whitelist in Phase 2 Minting, Enjoy Lower Price
🔸Get 2 Fantom Boy Phase 3 NFT
🔸Mint Incentive from Phase 2 Minting
🔸Hold2Access Fantom Boy Metaverse Unity
🔸Whitelist in Phase 3 Minting
🔸Special Discount on Fantom Boy Store
🔸Raffle at minting completion

Phase 2 Holder Privilege

🔸Get 1 Fantom Boy Phase 3 NFT
🔸Hold2Access Fantom Boy Metaverse Unity
🔸Special Discount on Fantom Boy Store
🔸Whitelist in Phase 3 Minting
🔸Raffle at minting completion


Phase I

✅ 1. Finalise “FANTOM BOY” collection
✅ 2. Website “www.visionaryboy.com”
✅ 3. Release minting date & details – 4 Nov 2021 [THUR] (UTC 16:00)
✅ 4. Giveaway events
✅ 5. Listing on Paintswap & Artion & NFTKey for the secondary market
✅ 6. Rarity table available
✅ 7. Phase 1 – Sold out
✅ 8. Raffle event once hit 888 sell [10/Nov/2021]
✅ 9. Tombheads | Auction for Limited Edition [13/Nov/2021]
✅ 10. Discord-Metamask Verification Bot for private channel
✅ 11. Discord Boost Upgrade & Channel Enhancement
✅ 12. New Artist Project Start
✅ 13. Sales Bot Support — Discord-Paintswap sales-bot integration

Phase II
✅14. Release FANTOM BOY DAO
✅15. Establish DAO voting system
✅16. Phase I Holders Snapshot
✅17. Release Launch Date & Minting Details – Phase II
✅18. Intensive Marketing Event and Collaboration
🔲19. Phase II – Sold out
🔲20. Raffle Party
🔲21. Purchase Land from Marketplace
🔲22. Fund Distribution to Phase I Holders
🔲23. Setup Fantom Boy Store (Q1 2022)
🔲24. Set up Infrastructure & Club House on Metaverse (Q2 2022)
🔲25. Host Member Event in Metaverse (Q2 2022)
🔲26. Continue Promotion on Fantom Boy Project in Phyical World & Metaverse
🔲27. Continue Assist New Artist Project

Phase III
🔲28. Phase III Collection Release
🔲29. Cross Chain – Extension the membership out of Fantom

Release White Paper of FANTOM BOY DAO
Form a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation), to bring together investment experience, collaborations with new artists and organise events for DAO members. All holders have a right to vote, 1 vote per NFT held, and to decide on the future and direction of the DAO. All holders will be whitelisted for new Visionary Boy projects, collaborations and events. Visionary Boy is here for the long run and aims to create and maximise value for every holder.

  1. Establish DAO voting system
  2. Start and execute the DAO’s Proposals & Projects

Your participation are important, i believe it just a beginning of the DAO, the more early you participate, you can gain more advantage in the future! Join us, grow up the community and enjoy!

Join us to get the news as soon as possible and follow our latest announcements.