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Each artwork is original, with its own colour palette and creation. The objective was to make each FANTOM BOY unique in order to prioritise quality above quantity. All metadata are stored on IPFS, a permanent decentralised data storage. Each FANTOM BOY is generated from over 100 possible traits over 6 layers.

Handsome Booster

Handsome Booster, transform a Normal Fantom Boy to a Customized Fantom Boy (According to your request, 1/1 special design for you)


Phase 1 : 4 Nov 2021 [THUR] (UTC 16:00)
Phase 2: 7 Jan 2022 [FRI]
(UTC 16:00)


14 Jan 2022 or Early / Revealed immediately if all minted

The FANTOM BOY metadata are stored on IPFS, a permanent decentralized data storage.