Deliver interactive and immersive experiences to community

Metaverse virtual space where you can access. In it you can play, or interact with other people.

An infinitely expanding network of 3D websites. Each one immersive, real-time, and persistent. Open to everyone with an internet connection, whether they have a VR headset or a basic smartphone.

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The Sandbox is a top tier decentralised, community-driven Metaverse gaming on the Ethereum blockchain. Visionarium, which allows our members to gather, play and earn from the game.

Digital Assets

We are creating various assets such as character and equipment, and providing immersive gaming experience with storyline of each Visionarium NFTs project. A unique identity in The Sandbox Metaverse and maximize the exposure of all the NFT project.

8-Bit Nostalgia is a play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse on Fantom. Player are able to use the Fantom Boy skins when exploring 8-Bit world.

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