The beginning — Nature’s gifts from our motherland

00 — Ethiopia Gelgelu

Printing Methods: Risograph
Size: W270mm x H380mm
Color: 3C (Metallic Gold, Fluo-Orange, Neon Green)
Paper: AD120P, Advertising Paper, 100gsm, Ink’Chacha
Edition: 35


Ethiopia Gelgelu celebrates nature’s gifts from our motherland. The design is inspired by clothings and arts of the Suri Tribe from Ethiopia, who groom themselves with natural resources – flowers and plants as headpieces, ochre for face paint.

From the very moment when human beings begin to touch, interact with and get from nature, we ground ourselves on the land and deeply connect with it. This profound relationship is captured by graphics of a hand blending elements of human and nature. The giant palm fills with soil, trees, vines and plants, nurturing coffee saplings that come from the amazing integration between humans and the land. Soils, Sunshine and water assemble in the visuals, where Ethiopian tribe’s totems are added in the frame decoration. Natural ingredients merge gracefully with the culture of the coffee growing land.

The choice of using slim, transparent, white-coloured paper well in touch with the “beginning” spirit coffee embodies. The soft, pure texture of the paper symbolises a good start, also where a cup of good coffee begins with.