Wet milling — Scientific vision behind coffee

02 — Colombia Erazo

Printing Methods: Risograph
Size: W270mm x H380mm
Color: 3C (Metallic Gold, Aqua-Blue, Tiffany Blue)
Paper: 0104-072, Satogami (Kon), 116gsm, Heiwa
Edition: 35


Colombia Erazo, known as the Best Large Lot in the coffee world, is the product under precise soil analysis and well-developed planting system established by farmers Carlos and Caterine as well as Colombian coffee lab CENICAFE.

Caterine, as a trade chemist, pays close attention to the quality of the harvest. Environmental protection, to their farming, is as important as the harvest quality. BECOSLUS equipments are adopted to reduce around 90% of water consumption.

The graphics highlight the famers’ scientific wisdom, research on coffee and their contribution to a better, green environment. The key person in the art print – a scientist, examines a coffee bean prudently with his precision microscope, signifying farmers’ endeavour to attain the best coffee. 

Water is another core element in the design, in which the excellent result of water saving is celebrated. Beard and sideburns of the scientist smoothly melt into the background, and become one. A Colombia-themed frame matching with stylised water waves is a fine enrichment of the art print. Colombia Erazo fittingly becomes the visual representation of a water-based coffee making step – the washed process.