Fermentation — Natural scenery on the mountains

03 — Brazil Ferreira

Printing Methods: Risograph
Size: W270mm x H380mm
Color: 3C (Metallic Gold, Yellow, Fluo-Pink)
Paper: 0210-010N, New Stardust (Cookie), 128gsm, Heiwa
Edition: 35


Grown in Mantiqueira mountain in Brazil, Brazil Ferreira has a well-balanced taste of sweet and richness in itself. Monitoring the flavour of coffee beans in an orderly manner, farmers adopt dry processing in farming.

Every single bean has been bathing under the shining, warm sunlight of Brazil. To echo the coffee flavour and growing region’s specialities, giant coffee beans are illustrated in the art print. Lying on the Mantiqueira mountainous region and processed naturally under the sunshine, the fresh, rich coffee cherries slowly transform into specialty beans with its unique flavour. Bathing under the golden sunlight, stacking layers of hill range melt like softy ice cream. The gourmand creamy, pinkish colour tone extrudes vanilla-like aroma. Samba, the passionate dance representing Brazil, is merged into the frame design. The patterns of heating sun paired with and shining through mountain ranges best visualize the fermentation process – natural processing.