Grading & Sorting — Coffee and the diligent beekeeper

05 — Brazil Hervaz

Printing Methods: Risograph
Size: W270mm x H380mm
Color: 3C (Metallic Gold, Tiffany Blue, Fluo-Orange)
Paper: 1319-208, Deep Mat (Indigo), 116gsm, Heiwa Paper
Edition: 35


The concept of Brazil Hervaz is based on the honey testing note and its unique touch of sweetness.  

The original sweet taste of coffee cherries is kept in the natural processing by the farmer Sr Hervaz. He is also a beekeeper who provides pollination services and coffee blossom honey to friends and neighbours. These little yellow and black flyings are like the guard of his coffee, when the two closely connect to each other. To coffee beans, the farmer is so much like a committed and diligent bee, who works day and night to showcase the beans’ quality to its best. Bee is depicted as a metaphor of the farmer, whose dedication to coffee making mimics bee’s hard work in pollination and honey making. The protagonist’s serious manner in examining the fruit of his hard work is a graceful posture to conclude the farmer’s endeavour to quality coffee in his grading process.