Roasting — Deep inner strength dancing in the flames

06 — Indonesia Rahmah

Printing Methods: Risograph
Size: W270mm x H380mm
Color: 2C (Metallic Gold, Fluo-Orange)
Paper: 1319-210, Deep Mat, 116gsm, Heiwa Paper
Edition: 35


Indonesia Rahmah is rooted in northwest Indonesia. The Kecak Dance from Bali, also known as the Fire Dance, inspires the design while the love story of Rama and Shinta is adapted in the creative process. It is a tale of Prince Rama leading the white monkey warriors to rescue Princess Shinta who was kidnapped by the evil king. There is this captivating scene when the king captures Prince Rama and burns him with fire. The lead of monkey warriors, however, remains unhurt and fights his way into the palace and starts another chapter of the war. 

In the story, women are weak and helpless figures to be saved by men. The graphics transgress the original narratives and redefine the role of females. The producers of Indonesia Rahmah coffee, who are mostly women, are signified in the drawings. Some of the members working for the coffee cooperative have lost their husbands in the Civil War. In the male-dominant society, this group of women choose to make their own living by serving quality coffee through the past two decades. The cooperation has been awarded the Fair Trade Certificate in 2012 that recognizes their support to trade justice. Part of the income has been donated to support schemes of promoting public health, education and infrastructure. These ladies’ achievement is very much like the bravery spirit of the protagonist, who boldly breaks through the fire. A goddess reborn and dancing in the fire is created to represent this respectful group of women.