Boiling — Pioneer in coffee production

09 — Colombia Bermudez

Printing Methods: Risograph
Size: W270mm x H380mm
Color: 2C (Metallic Gold, Moon-Beam Silver)
Paper: 1319-216, Deep-Mat (Mulberry), 116gsm, Heiwa Paper
Edition: 35


Colombia Bermudez is a strong statement of the farmer’s boldness and persevering spirit to start from zero. Diego Samuel has been a pioneer in the family’s coffee business. Out of great interest and good vision, he initiated a growing project in his 2.5 hectare farm. Diego sold coffee to local cooperatives to pay for tuition fees of his study on agricultural cooperative management and enter the career of making specialty-grade coffee. Never stop improving the quality of coffee, he prefects his cup by coming up with original coffee making methods. His effort is soon honoured in various competitions.

A cow man is created to represent the determination of Diego Samuel who bravely steps into and develops a new market. The coffee process – boiling, is an emphasis of the cow man’s radiating passion. The Colombian carnival makeup on his face as well as totemic details extracted from the local straw hats on the frame are special highlights of the Columbian culture and artistry in the art print.