Distillation — The beauty of African culture

11 — Ethiopia Adado

Printing Methods: Risograph
Size: W270mm x H380mm
Color: 3C (Metallic Gold, Moon-Beam Silver, Bright Red)
Paper: 1319-207, Deep-Mat (Charcoal), 116gsm, Heiwa Paper
Edition: 35


The design of Ethiopia Adado is centered around the African culture in Ethiopia. The scene of head-carrying practices is still an extraordinary spectacle nowhere to be found. This distinctive lifestyle is celebrated in the graphics, where coffee is manipulated as the media to highlight the uniqueness of African culture. 

The heroine is modelled after Mursi, an ethnic group in the southwest corner of Ethiopia, with vivid portraits of the traditional tribal clothing and accessories. The greyish white decorative paintings on her face, as well as body chains consisting of ivory, beads and leafs, enrich the layers of the tribe’s dressing styles. The frame is a mixture of local architecture artistry and patterns of ethnic dressings. The beloved greyish white body paintings have been unarguably added to complete the design. The central character, who gracefully holds the distilling pot in her palm, showcases the distillation process and extracts the best of coffee to fill the cup on her head.