Finishing — Enjoy the moment with a cup of coffee

12 — Ethiopia Abera

Printing Methods: Risograph
Size: W270mm x H380mm
Color: 3C (Metallic Gold, Moon-Beam Silver, Orange)
Paper: M01, Matter, 135gsm, Ink’Chacha
Edition: 35


The representative character of Ethiopia Abera is the Somali Wild Ass from Ethiopia. The warrior in armor is showcasing Jebena Buna – a local traditional coffee ceremony. The ritual begins with the host spreading Tena Adam as well as a variety of flowers on the floor and table. Tena Adam, a plant with great vitality, refuses to die easily and grows abundantly as long as it is watered. Its passion for life is a precise metaphor to Ethiopians who embrace life with every breath. 

The earthen jar and hot coals are essential in Jebena Buna. The round-shaped black, clay jar with narrow spout reminds people of the beautiful figure of a Ethiopian young lady. The engraved patterns on the spout and mouth of the jar is a strong tie to the splendid local culture. In Ethiopia, men are forbidden to make coffee. Women dressing in traditional costumes are the ones who serve the drink. The art print challenges the patriarchal order by transforming a docile Somali Wild Ass into a vigorous warrior. The strong, masculine character could also fill the cup with his well-built body!