Multi-chain premier membership. Exclusive experience of contemporary visual culture for people of all ages and backgrounds. A private collective of dedicated NFT collectors and artists.

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Member Privileges


To join, one must hold the Visionarium Premier NFT. Membership privileges include:

  • 10,000 $VISION airdrop
  • Early access / free mint to the Visionarium artist collection
  • High staking rewards
  • Access to our private Discord channel
  • Other exclusive collaborations / airdrops
  • and more…

Collective Intelligence

Our members were early collectors / artists in different blockchain networks. Get the latest and most trustworthy NFT information. We believe in group bottoms-up-driven research. A collective working together is more vital than any single member.

How to get Visionarium Premier Pass?

$VISION Airdrop

$Vision is an ERC-20 governance and utility token used within the Visionarium Ecosystem to empower and incentivize a decentralized community building at the forefront of web3.

Membership Entrance

Already hold the Visionarium Premier NFT? Authenticate your NFT, and jump into the private channel!